Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well, hi hi hi

So after much thought, contemplation, and boredom, I have decided to make a blog. Yes, I have no idea how to use any sort of technology or html whatever, but here I am writing my life on here. I want this to focus on my art life, which is pretty much my whole life. I'll post my outfits, hair ideas, make-up ideas, photography attempts, and paintings. But why the title of "More eyelashes, please?" Well, when I go out, the finishing touch on my outifit are a pair of fake eyelashes. They add a certain boldness (is that a word?) and depth to my face. Art also adds a certain depth to life. It's the finishing touch on a person's personality- their creativity. So, add more art to your life. More eyelashes, please!

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