Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010


One thing I love to do is just sit in the park while the sun is out and just watch everything that's happening around you.  I went to Bryant Park and saw these characters.  Ah, it was so nice since I had a chocolate croissant with me.  It wasn't any ordinary chocolate croissant, though.  No, this was from Lily O'Brien's chocolate store.  The hot melted chocolate comes in a separate little cup so you can use it for dipping.  Such a cute and delicious idea. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Anna Divinsky

My design professor, Anna Divinsky had an exhibit up here in Pittsburgh.  It was called Swarm and my goodness it was detailed.  All the pieces were done with painted silk and beautiful colors- I love a deep red or pink anytime.

These were tiny canvases all hung on the wall.  

Looking at Art

I took this one at the museum.  I'm a total creep.

Smothered in Art

While I was in New York, I made a 5 hour stop at MOMA.  My feet were killing me at the end of the day and I limped home, but it was definitely worth it.  This is a photo of my lunch at the cafe there.  It was a three cheese panini and either I was way too hungry, or it was the best panini I've ever eaten.

This is my mum.  No, not the painting.
 A line of faces...

I absolutely loved this guy's hair.  Plus, he just looked amazing compared to the color of the painting.  

Here I am posing with the artwork.  
And again...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New York 3- Street Fair

These are just some pictures I took while walking in a street fair.  I love looking at all the random little things you can buy for o so cheap.  This time, I bought my new favorite scarf.  It's orange snake print.  I'll post a picture of it soon

New York 2- The Topshop Experience

On Saturday, I went to Topshop.  I was thrilled to go since it was their 1 year anniversary for the store opening in New York.  There was cake, pretty pink trees, pictures, and of course amazing outfits everywhere.  I had my picture taken for their facebook page so go check it out!!  Plus, there are a TON of amazing outfits.  This lovely foot is wearing my dream shoe that I found in the store.  Sadly, I did not buy them :(  But they had gold spikes on the front with gold studs on the back.  It was essentially me in shoe form.

Now I must talk about the cake.  It was by The Dinner Belle (what a cute name!!) and was red velvet, my favorite.  They were serving chai tea also.  In the corner was the most adorable little table that was set up for a mini tea party.

Finally there was Topshop's birthday tree where people could write little love notes or happy birthday notes.  Ah, it was such a great day to be at Topshop.


WHITE LIGHTNING: topshop day 2

Check out her blog! Why? Because I'm on it!! hehe I'm the one with the red sunglasses and red lips.... as usual

A Day in New York 1

Two weeks ago, I went to New York.  My outfit was pretty simple- an American Apparel mini skirt, with an H&M cami.  Because I was so rushed when leaving home, I forgot to even bring a sweater. That's when Dad came to the rescue.  I found this gem of a sweater in his coat closet.  He hadn't worn it for years.  Well, maybe that's a good thing because I got to steal it ;)

These cute little cupcakes were being sold on the street.  I bought two Red Velvet and one Cookie Dough.  Though they were small, that did not take away from their amazing taste!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Subway Adventure

So this was my first time in the Pittsburgh subway- aka The T.  May I just say, these pictures were taken at rush hour.  What a difference from New York.  But my outfit was one that was based on comfort and hand me downs.  Both my shirt and coat are from my lovely sister.