Sunday, June 28, 2009

Green Green Green

Here's a tree on campus here at UCLA with some edits to it.

Outifit # 7

Another day in Hollywood.... I sported my famous cheetah scarf- which I bought for only $5- and sadly Abercrombie shirt and shorts. I never wear all Abercrombie, but it was move-in day at UCLA so I needed to wear something semi-comfortable.

My Babies

These are my most prized possessions. They are my Doc Marten high boots. I had first bought a pair that were short and unisex from Journey's. But one night, my mom comes home from Macy's and tells me she found something on sale I would like. I open the bag and to my surprise are a pair of high Docs- zipper on the side and everything. So here they are:

Outfit #6

There was no special occasion for this outfit... just going to class and decided to dress up. There's a detail of my necklace- It's a safety pin on an old beeper chain that was my sister's

Outfit #5

This was my comfortable/cute outfit for the day. It's a skirt I bought on super sale at Urban Outfitters, an H&M cami, and some Jefrey Campbell shoes.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Here's a photo of my sister while she was spray painting outside... this isn't a normal thing for her by the way...


Here are some photos of things around my sister and her husband's house. Lots of cute and lovely California-esque photos.

Outfit #4

Me looking very corporate... I didn't like this one once I was wearing it for an hour :(

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Outfit #3

This is what I wore to my friend's party. Like me, he was born in the wrong time period :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

I Heart B&W

At a red light today I opened up my window and took this picture... I thought it looked interesting. I don't know why... there's no depth to it really, no symbolism or meaning. Maybe someone who is more creative than I am will find it to be extremely complex.

Outfit #2

Here's my outfit from today- I went Rockabilly again today. This time a little more street-ready... a little boy-ish too.

Lucky 13 shirt

Chor skinny jeans
Anarchy Kitty Shoes

Outfit #1

I figured I would post my outfit for my concert night-

Lucky 13 sweater

Lace Banana Republic tank top

Skinny Jeans

Sequined Flats

It's a Psychobilly Freakout!!!!

Early yesterday morning, a little thought popped into my mind- I have a concert to go to today. I bought tickets for The Reverend Horton Heat a while back and had completely forgotten. So I put my rockabilly face on and went on over to The Rex. The opening band- Neon Swing- was this little group of guys who just looked like they crawled out of a cubicle at some office and decided to play swing music together. All of the sudden, they start playing, and my foot begins tapping, and they sounded good! If you want to dance or go and have some fun in the fifties, totally check them out. There was only one opening band, so I went to take my spot by the stage for when the Rev came on. I think only about 6 other people were standing with me. Then the lights go down, and a huge rush of people come out of nowhere and form a mob behind me. As expected, The Rev was amazing. They played one of my favorites- Galaxy 500 towards the beginning. There was an uber fan towards the left of the stage (far from me thank god). Though she claimed, yelled I should say, that RHH was her favorite band, she proceeded in yelling and talking to people around her when Jim Heath was telling a story- right in front of her face. Halfway into the show, their light crew guy got to sing a Motorhead song. I have no idea which one... But he was pretty good. He got the crowd going and jumping all over the place. But overall the show was amazing. For the encore, they played my absolute favorite- Big Red Rocket of Love. So dirty, yet so amazing. After feeling so inspired from the show, I went out and bought another cd, then listened to it twice. Maybe dressing
rockabilly everyday isn't such a bad idea...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Robots in Disguise....

I love that band, but this is a painting of an actual robot. I just thought the title was catchy. It started out just a scribble on a piece of paper. I was bored at my mom's office so I drew two little circles. They looked like eyes and somehow it turned into this gauge-tastic looking robot. Now, here he is in all his glory and in acrylic form.

Well, hi hi hi

So after much thought, contemplation, and boredom, I have decided to make a blog. Yes, I have no idea how to use any sort of technology or html whatever, but here I am writing my life on here. I want this to focus on my art life, which is pretty much my whole life. I'll post my outfits, hair ideas, make-up ideas, photography attempts, and paintings. But why the title of "More eyelashes, please?" Well, when I go out, the finishing touch on my outifit are a pair of fake eyelashes. They add a certain boldness (is that a word?) and depth to my face. Art also adds a certain depth to life. It's the finishing touch on a person's personality- their creativity. So, add more art to your life. More eyelashes, please!