Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Styling: Lauren

 One night, I decided out of the blue that I was going to style my friend, Lauren, and photograph her.  Well, it wasn't totally out of the blue.  She was wearing this very cute jumpsuit and all of the sudden this look popped into my mind.  Since I was on a creative kick, I immediately forced her into a chair and attacked with hair gel and enormous amounts of eyeliner.

All of her outfit was chosen by me, and I did both her hair and make up.

Now, midway through the shoot it hit me that something very important was missing- lipstick.  So that one bold statement that we were craving in the look was completed by adding some deep purple lips. 

Urban Outfitters jumpsuit
BCBG bandana necklace
My mom's belt
Earrings from a street vendor in New York City
Make up: MAC and Chanel with Guerlain bronzer. 

Guest Outfits: Alison and Benjy

I must say, you will find the best outfits when you are around artists.  Those wonderful ensembles get even better when there's a gallery opening. 

This fellow smoking in the courtyard is artist extraordinaire, Benjy.  All black with a dash of color is something I have always supported.

This little lady is Alison.  I have yet to pull off bright pink lips, so I must praise her for her courage.  Plus, she paired them with the perfect outfit.


 Ah, Grace.  How well you pull off pink eyeshadow since it matches with the tips of your hair.

This is my friend, Grace, who lives in the school's art building just like I do.  She asked me to do her make up for an art show opening that she was in. 
To start, I filled in her eyebrows and primed her eyes and lips.  I cannot stress how important eyebrows are to any face.  Just by filling them in, even if it's only a slight amount, that extra definition given to the arch can change one's face completely.  For the better, of course.
Since she was wearing a mix of ivory, black, pink, and a hint of purple I decided to take her eye makeup in that direction.  The color fans from pink, purple, ivory, and finally to green.
Her lips were kept nice and simple with just a sheer nude gloss that matched her skin tone.  Over top, I put some gloss that had that extra touch of glitter that pulled the whole look together.

All eyeshadows used are by MAC.
Lipstick by Jordana.
Lipgloss by Sephora.

Color Palatte

These are some photos I took when I was home.  I love this burgundy, ivory, and pastel green color combination.  It's quite relaxing. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chanel as Art

Chanel's Fall Winter 2010 nail color collection goes perfectly with that whole 1950's glamour trend that everyone is so fond of.  In my painting class, one of the girls was making this lovely little piece (shown below) out of different textures and glazing layers.  The color scheme looks a little like the Chanel colors with a kick.  



 Fall is here.