Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Styling: Lauren

 One night, I decided out of the blue that I was going to style my friend, Lauren, and photograph her.  Well, it wasn't totally out of the blue.  She was wearing this very cute jumpsuit and all of the sudden this look popped into my mind.  Since I was on a creative kick, I immediately forced her into a chair and attacked with hair gel and enormous amounts of eyeliner.

All of her outfit was chosen by me, and I did both her hair and make up.

Now, midway through the shoot it hit me that something very important was missing- lipstick.  So that one bold statement that we were craving in the look was completed by adding some deep purple lips. 

Urban Outfitters jumpsuit
BCBG bandana necklace
My mom's belt
Earrings from a street vendor in New York City
Make up: MAC and Chanel with Guerlain bronzer. 

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