Saturday, June 4, 2011

My own DIY

 As I said a few posts ago, I went to Henri Bendel and was suddenly inspired to make hats.  I've never in my life had an interest in making them, but I gave it a go the other day.  And this is the result.  This little feathered one is the first hat I've ever created.  I feel like a proud parent right now.

It wasn't too bad to make.  This one was made with lots of love, hot glue, and padding.

This next headband was actually the easiest of all.  First, I bought a beaded collar trimming.  Then, I cut it and sewed a bit so that it fit the headband's curved shape.  Lastly, you just hot glue it down and then you're done!

 This little petite one was made with my love for ruffles and black lace.  It's simple, but I'm excited to wear it out one sunny day.


 I've been inspired by the new Chanel Byzantine Empire looks and Lady Gaga's Judas video to create a mini photoshoot.  I love the contrast between gold and black in both.  Plus, it gives me a reason to wear dripping down cat-eye makeup.

My headband is my own design and earrings are from Forever 21.  I'm wearing Make Up Forever  Aqua Cream on my eyelids with some neutral primer on the center of the lids.  Pretty simple look.  My eyeliner is just a regular liquid liner.  I have the Lady Gaga Viva Glam lipstick on which is my new favorite lipstick.  Well, nothing will beat red but it's a close second I guess.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

I've had this Baby the Stars Shine Bright bow for a few years now and have never had the chance to wear it.  Well, that all changed when I finally stuck it on my head and walked out the door.  Usually, you're supposed to wear these with a whole frilly outfit like this but I don't own one... so all black is the next best choice.

Henri Bendel and Trimming

On this past mini trip to nyc, I stopped at Henri Benel for some inspiration.  I walked out with another tube of my favorite Lipstick Queen color- Wine Sinner.  I can't ever find it in Pittsburgh and I just love buying things in person instead of just online.  

While at Henri Bendel, I saw all sorts of hats, headbands, and feathers that inspired me to make my own designs.  I ran over to the Garment District and bought up my favorite trimmings in all sorts of golden and neutral tones.  Oh, and for some reason that day I had my mind stuck on feathers.  Probably because I saw the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit the day before.

I'll post all my little creations soon!