Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Wallpaper

 For class, I was told to make a Wallpaper.  I decided to make it as long as possible, since it's way more fun to make everything bigger.
 There are cutouts on those diamond shapes which look much better in person than in the photo, but I think you can still see it. 

New Babies

 Ok here's the whole story:  Go back a month to me doing some online window shopping on the Doc Marten's site when I found zebra print shoes.  I almost died right then and there.  Fast forward to Friday night when I was reading NYLON and saw an ad for Docs that had the shoes I wanted!!  I was so frustrated that I decided I needed to get them.  The next day, I'm walking around New York and was wondering, "Is there a Docs store here?"  Don't blame me for not knowing- I'm hardly ever in the City anymore!  Well then there it was- the Doc Martens store.  Right in front of me.  I ran inside and sitting on a ledge were these:

I was in love.  There was no need to think about whether I should spend the money or save it to pay my tuition for college.  These were my dream shoes and now they were mine.  Life is complete.

Studio Arts Show

 It's the end of the year, and that means that the Studio Arts majors are putting on a show...  well not a performance but an exhibit.  A lot of friends of mine had pieces in the show, which made it all the more exciting.
These two lovelies that I'm standing with are Grace and Ellyn.  We are standing in front of one of Grace's pieces which is made from plaster casts of breasts (yes, that's right) and panty hose.  Is that what one calls it?  Panty Hose?  Or tights.... you get the point.

 I was also in the show.  My piece, since I'm not a senior yet (It's usually a show for seniors unless you get choses) was chosen by a professor from one of my classes.  They are digital prints and all three are from a series titled Exo.  The one on the left is my grandfather's arm, the one in the middle is a ribcage, and the one on the right is my grandfather's hand.  You can't imagine how proud he was to know that his modeling skills payed off for me.
This is Miss Carolyn and she has some of my favorite outfits.  I love the cosmic tights she's wearing, and I told her that the beret makes her look Parisian.  Usually she's sporting some sort of Anna Sui, which makes me a big fan.

 Oh, Benjy.  How I love this white suit.  He's definitely always looking dapper but today was extra special.  The nose ring was the final touch on this edgy, yet so sophisticated, outfit.

 This is Clay, who I keep wanting to feature on here but never get to.  He is notorious for his amazing socks and uniquely printed pants, but in this post all the attention goes to the shirt.  I'm still unsure about what exactly those little orbs are, but I love it anyways.  He is also wearing his dad's Rooster Tie.

Grace's photos

 Both of these (above and below) are cutouts done by my hero, Kimmie.  I do have an obsession with papercutouts, which is why I'm amazed with each of these.  This one below is made from several layers of cut paper.  I can't imagine how long it took but it was worth it.


Hidden Gems

 I love those days when you're early for class so you just get to wander around the building and explore.  I was in the Cathedral of Learning at Pitt and walked into a room I've seen before, but never actually went in.
It really was beautiful.  I felt so regal sitting at the table writing....  Yes, I forced myself to write something (which isn't too hard to do) so that I could just sit at the table.  

Carrie Bradshaw

 This was my ode to Carrie Bradshaw's classic curly hair.  I must say, I did feel very artsy with my hair like this.  Maybe I'll make it a new thing...