Thursday, April 15, 2010

New York 2- The Topshop Experience

On Saturday, I went to Topshop.  I was thrilled to go since it was their 1 year anniversary for the store opening in New York.  There was cake, pretty pink trees, pictures, and of course amazing outfits everywhere.  I had my picture taken for their facebook page so go check it out!!  Plus, there are a TON of amazing outfits.  This lovely foot is wearing my dream shoe that I found in the store.  Sadly, I did not buy them :(  But they had gold spikes on the front with gold studs on the back.  It was essentially me in shoe form.

Now I must talk about the cake.  It was by The Dinner Belle (what a cute name!!) and was red velvet, my favorite.  They were serving chai tea also.  In the corner was the most adorable little table that was set up for a mini tea party.

Finally there was Topshop's birthday tree where people could write little love notes or happy birthday notes.  Ah, it was such a great day to be at Topshop.

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