Monday, March 1, 2010

Can I steal this bowl?

What is it about sitting in a dark cafe that gets the mind to be more imaginative? The other night I sat in a dark fish market restaurant and thought of ways to make this one eating experience change my entire life. So I kept my sunglasses on all of dinner for a change. What if my staple style was to always wear sunglasses? What did other people think I looked like? (Most likely the answer to that question is completely insane) But have a look at the dishware even. How would this look in your house? What if you moved to California, or more specifically Santa Barbara. Would the dishware match your household's decor? These things run through my mind whenever I go to a dimly lit restaurant... Pick your favorite item on the menu and just wait... your mind will start racing about what you can do with yourself, how you can be better, how you'll be famous one day.

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