Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lips Solved

I've noticed that a lot of people stop me in public and ask what lip color I am wearing.  Everyone is always searching for that perfect lip color, and it is very hard to find.  For each person it's different, and that's the hard time I think many women (and some men) face.  I have a specific way of wearing red, and it took me some time to find the right shade.  My secret: I wear two colors. ALWAYS.  Here's my method of application:
1. Outline the outside of my lip with a wax pencil.  DuWop has a nice one that I carry around with me.
2. I apply a lighter shade of red lipstick that's bright and vibrant.  I always use MAC's limited edition color Kanga-Rouge.  It's not sold anymore and I will cry when I run out of this color.  But the key is to find a lighter red for the base.
3.  I then apply  Lipstick Queen's lipstick color Wine- Sinner.  It's a very deep blood red.  That gives it a more toned down look that goes well with the lighter red underneath.  If you don't want to use a darker red, a deep brown could work too.
4. Optional- a little bit of gold lipgloss.  Something with a gold tint.  

Think of your lips as a canvas.  You are painting them, so you need to use light and dark colors.  This sounds like a lot of work, but it's really nothing.  Just a pencil and two tubes of lipstick.

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