Saturday, January 1, 2011

Everyday Elegance

I've found the perfect, simple style for myself and I needed to share with you all.  What is more elegant than a black shirt and red lipstick?  Well, many things are but I am talking about everyday elegance.  You need to go downstairs to get lunch with some friends, or go shopping, or even go to the library.  It's easily a day-into-night outfit.

First thing is the make up.  Put some defined cat eyes.  Or just some light brown liner that isn't too drastic.  The defining part of this look is the eyelashes.  Now, I am a connoisseur of fake lashes, and I'm all for wearing them during the day.  HOWEVER, there is a difference between daytime and nighttime lashes.
Daytime lashes that are my personal favorites are the Revlon Fantasy Lengths.

Nighttime lashes that add extra definition to the eye are the Ardell Demi 101 lashes.  I am wearing these in the picture, but sometimes I like to feel extra fancy during the day :)

Once you're got the eyes done, put on some red lipstick.  Your choice on whether you want a darker or brighter shade.  

Once that is done, slip into a black longsleeve shirt and some jeans.  Done! 

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