Tuesday, February 15, 2011

With Love

Ah so it finally happened.  Singles' Awareness Day as some call it.  Others say it's the worst holiday ever created.  I call it Valentine's Day.  To me, it was never the worst day or anything like that.  Usually I had the tradition of making the whole world my valentine and giving cards/cookies/candy to everyone I knew and liked.  This year, however, I was not single.  What did I get from my Valentine, then?  Well, he did quite a good job.


 He gave me the new Hello Kitty "Say Hello: Super Fun Colors" Palette!

I was so excited.  I'm glad he remembers what I look at whenever I drag him into Sephora. 



 Top Left: Sugar Plum
Top Right: Sweet Plum
Bottom Left: Raindrop
Bottom Right: Goodnight Dreams


 Top Left: Snowflake
Top Right: Strawberry Cookie
Bottom Left: Pink Confetti
Bottom Right:Sweet Plum

 I just love the names.  They make me feel all fuzzy inside.

My man also bought me Kurt Vonnegut's "Breakfast of Champions" which I'm quite excited to read.

Now, you didn't think was all, did you?

No, I gave myself some flowers.  Lucky me.  The university was having a free flower arranging activity so I took the liberty of making myself a nice bouquet. 


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